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Take You Home With Me A.K.A Body lyrics


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     Take You Home With Me A.K.A Body
    >> R Kelly
    uh, uhh uhh, kel's
    young, M, X, tra, money, let's go

    [chorus X2 R.kelly+girl]
    girl you know you got a body-adi-adi (do you like it?)
    where you get your little body-adi-adi (do you want it?)
    girl i wanna freak your body-adi-adi (what you want it?)
    i just wanna take you home with me

    she get it from her momma..
    you can't tie a sweater over that ass, it hotter than pajamas
    we lay back, blowin ganja
    DVD, she make it hard to watch a flat TV- WHOA
    i crept up behind her
    mami threw it like a quarterback, i cought that like rice
    i call mami montana, bandana
    tied her hands up - this is gangsta love
    threw on a rap CD, we gangsta fucked
    this ain't R&B smooth, i ain't a R&B dude
    poured a glass of army, got mami in the mood
    then she stripped for me like the "Moulin Rouge"
    i think i might wife her
    y'know, powder blue roc-a- wear suit, white nike her
    add mami to the cypher
    R.O.C for life coz, the gang mother fucker


    i make ya hotter than the next bitch - no need
    for you to ever sweat the next bitch - with speed
    i make the next bitch see the axit - indeed
    gotta know you're ver-ily respected - by me
    you get the keys to the lexus - but no drive
    you get your own 2002, she through ridin
    keep yo' ass tighter than Versace
    that's why you gotta watch yo' friends
    you gotta watch me, they connivin shit
    see i just wanna freak your body-adi-adi
    i know you don't do this for everybody-adi
    but everybody ain't as horny as me
    and your body's - callin, me...


    uhh, yeah
    mami shot through the pad with the mark jacobs bag
    the thick stitched seam and her favorite ass jeans
    y'all know the first date wearers
    to make objects bigger then they appear like a reaview mirror
    oh her shoe game is real
    she gave 'em the christian libountins with the four inch heels
    but honestly my favorite type of gear
    is a scrungy for her hair and LaPearla underwear, clear?

    girl i hear you callin, let's stop stallin
    do what we came to do
    girl i hear you callin, let's stop stallin
    baby i want you, yeah

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